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Your search for the most natural-looking lashes is over here. Our beautiful Magnolia Lash from Flower Lash Collection is a must-have lash for daily wear and natural-looking makeup looks. Magnolia Lash is a cat-eye shape, extra light, you won’t even feel wearing it all day long. Magnolia Lash made of a special synthetic fiber, what makes it perfect for Vegans & Cruelty-free.


Length: 3 – 11mm, Short/ Medium

Shape / Volume: Cat-eye / Natural

Type: Faux Mink Lashes, Cruelty -Free, Vegan

Reusable 25+ applications with the Wonder liner

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Step 1. Trim false lashes from the outer corner to ensure the size fits your eyelid well and firmly. 

Step 2. Shake Wonder Liner before use. 

Step 3. Apply Wonder Liner on your eyelid as a regular eyeliner 2-3 coats. Take the Liner all the way along your lash line to ensure the edge of the lash band sits firmly. 

Step 4. Apply Lashes while Liner feels wet & tacky. DO NOT wait for Wonder LIner to get fully dry! 

Step 5. While applying false lashes slightly press on a lash band for 5 sec to ensure the lash adheres well. The Wonder Liner is a Pressure-Sensitive Eyeliner Adhesive – it requires a soft-medium pressure to activate a formula and hold your falsies all day long. 

Step 6. Let Wonder Liner & Lashes dry off for 60 sec. 

Done! Now you can wear your favorite falsies fuss – free all day long! 


How To Remove

To Remove false lashes, gently pull them off from the outer corner of your eye towards the inner corner. Remove the Wonder Liner by using any makeup remover – apply the makeup remover on a cotton pad and hond on the eyelid for 30 sec to break the formula, then gently wipe and remove makeup leftover and rinse with water. 



Tip 1. Avoid direct contact of eyeliner with eyes.  In case of contact with eyes, rise immediately with water.It’s always recommended to do a patch test if you have sensitive or allergic skin. 

Tip 2. Before applying Wonder Liner make sure your eyelid is oil-free , no cream is applied (as oil may reduce the adhesive effect) 

Tip 3. Before applying, trip false lashes to make sure the size fits your eye shape and lash sits firmly. 

Tip 4.  While applying Wonder Liner, ensure that the full length of a lash band is covered (recommended 2-3 coats per eye). 

Tip 5. Clean false lashes (lash band) after use from makeup leftover and adhesive. Cleaning lashes from time to time to increase life-time of false lashes. Clean lashes will stick much better to the Wonder Liner and hold all day long. 

Tip 6. Do Not let Wonder Liner get dry off. Apply lashes right away while liner feels sticky. 

Tip 7. Wonder Liner is a PSA (Pressure – Sensitive Adhesive) that means a light – medium pressure is required to let lashes stick strong and last  throughout a day. Once you fixed the lash position, apply a light pressure for 20 sec and let it dry on.

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1 review for MAGNOLIA LASH

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Wonder Liner keeps your lashes on until you want it off.


Wonder Liner applies in seconds: Shake – Line – Lash.


No eye irritation, No heavy Magnets, No Mess


All our products are cruelty-free; non-allergic, suitable for sensitive skin.


No special Magnetic Lashes & Magnetic liner needed. Wonder Liner does its magic with ANY false lashes WITHOUT Magnets.


Wonder Liner activates a smudge proof and waterproof formula once completely dry.


Wonder Liner is a multi-use eyeliner 200+ coats. The usage time may vary up on usage frequency & application.


Latex-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, safe on lashes & skin, suitable for sensitive skin.

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